I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.
— Albert Einstein

Leveraging Curiosity to Enhance Sales Results 

Consistently harnessing your curiosity in the sales process enables:

  • a deeper understanding of your customers’ business;

  • a roadmap to coordinate your sales approach; and,

  • an executable plan for growing revenue.

Curious sales people understand how their clients define success, are laser focused on helping them achieve it and make them feel valued and safe. The result: more profitable sales faster.

We are each born with a unique capacity for curiosity - your Curiosity Quotient (CQ™). And, like a muscle, CQ™ is something that everyone can strengthen with regular exercise. CQ Selling helps you:

  • hire sales people with the right CQ™ ;

  • train them to harness their CQ™; and,

  • build a sales culture that rewards and nurtures curiosity.

If you want to make your sales organization more curious:

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