Alex Berg

Founder  and  Chief  Curiosity  Officer  for  Curiosity  Quotient  Selling LLC  
With  over  30 years  of  sales  leadership  and  direct  sales  experience, Alex is  consistently  recognized  for  navigating  complex  business  scenarios,  providing  innovative,  high  quality  advice,  and  for  creating  a  positive  learning  environment.  With  degrees  in  Finance  and  Psychology,  Alex  operates at  the  intersection  of  human  behavior  and  financial performance.

A Passion For Helping Clients Succeed!   Zig Ziglar said “YOU can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” The key is knowing what your customer wants… and often even they don’t know.

That’s what makes sales heroic. The skillful sales person delivers exactly what you want and makes it feel good. Curiosity Quotient (CQ) Selling is based on our belief that a healthy sense of curiosity is the necessary starting point for building relationships and closing more business.

Fields  of  Expertise
Alex’s  expertise  includes  strategic  sales  planning,  direct  sales,  sales  leadership,  account  management  &  relationship  development, sales  training  &  coaching,  sales  &  account  management  automation, negotiation  &  contracting  and  global  workforce  management.

Prior  to  founding  CQ  Selling,  Alex  designed,  sold  and  delivered sales  enablement  and  sales  automation  services  and  served in  senior  leadership roles for several  professional  services  companies.

Alex  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Psychology  from  Ohio  Wesleyan  University  and  a  Master  of  Business  Administration in  Finance  with  a  concentration  in  Entrepreneurial  Management  from  The  University  of  Pennsylvania’s  Wharton  School  of  Business.